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Florida’s Senate passed a bill in May 2022 making it mandatory for all Florida condominium and cooperative buildings, three stories or higher, to undergo milestone or structural inspections.  After inspection, you may be required to implement immediate repairs to a building(s) or need a substantial injection into the reserves to meet the legally obligated ratios. With the waiver or reduction in the funding of reserves no longer being permitted, First Federal Bank is ready to assist.

If you need credit to meet the requirements of Senate Bill 4-D, or for any capital costs that may be related to milestone inspections, we are ready to help.


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Our loans or lines of credit may be secured through an assignment of dues or lien rights, which eliminates much of the typical costs and documentation associated with construction or real estate collateralized loans, in turn, this will help save you time and money.

What does Florida Senate Bill 4-D mean for inspections?

This bill will create a shift in how condominium associations manage preventive maintenance and the funding of reserves. The milestone or structural inspection must be conducted by an engineering firm and could require immediate repairs to your building(s) or a substantial capital injection into the association reserves to meet the legally obligated ratios.