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Community Request Guidelines

Giving is what we do best.

What really matters to us is vibrant communities, successful schools, growing businesses and financial security.

As a good corporate citizen we focus on programs that help our local communities grow and prosper. Each of our communities that we serve has unique needs and opportunities.

First Federal designates the majority of our contributions and local sponsorships to organizations that share in our focus on the local community.

Our priority concentrations for community outreach are:

Well-Rounded Education and Financial Literacy
We know that a strong education is vital to any future. We support initiatives for every age and area of study, as well as building solid financial literacy among students. We partner with local schools, HeadStart programs, and local colleges to help fund special projects.

Community Reinvestment and Development
Driving community reinvestment and development is key to maintaining vibrant communities. First Federal promotes and supports activities throughout our communities that improve economic development and quality of life for low to moderate income communities.

Improving the Health and Welfare of Families
We are a strong advocate of building healthy families through supporting community wellness programs, medical research, domestic violence shelters and area food banks. This is a focus that is dear to our heart as a company as well as individual employees.

Community Sports Programs
Participation in team sports fosters positive attitudes, collaboration and respect – all of which are important life skills. First Federal supports regular seasons for schools, recreational departments, and sports booster clubs. (Unfortunately due to the multitude of teams and star individuals, we are unable to contribute to travel teams, post season tournaments or individual competition.)

If you are interested in submitting a request for contribution, your organization needs to meet the following criteria for a request to be considered: 
  • Be a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Organization
  • Have a clear mission and demonstrate financial/administrative stability if requested
  • Align with one of our priority concentrations listed above.
Once you complete the form, you can email it to, along with any other documents. Your request will be submitted to our Contribution Committee for review. Contribution request decisions will be communicated by email. Please allow 30 days for processing.