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Specialty Banking

Safe and reliable banking solutions for a highly regulated industry.

Whether you touch the plant or work as an ancillary business, we are a transparent 502 friendly bank ready to help you. We serve customers in the Cannabis and Hemp trades and our head of Cannabis Banking is a national advocate for Cannabis banking.

What we offer

Committed Team

Each customer is assigned a dedicated relationship manager that will support all of your business banking needs.

Banking Tools

We provide accounts and services needed to operate and grow your business, without fear.

Robust Compliance

We vet each new customer and maintain high levels of transparency so you know your account is compliant and safe.

Our goal is to work as efficiently and diligently as possible to make banking with us hassle free. We have a dedicated team to work directly with you, making opening an account as streamlined as possible. Contact Justin to begin the account approval process today.

Serving Cannabis and Hemp related businesses in all 50 states and U.S. territories.

Services vary by state. Contact us for service availability in your area.

Justing Wilkinson, Specialty Banking Services

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Connected to the Industry

We are connected to what's happening in the Cannabis Related Business industry. We work with industry leaders, regularly visit sites, and continually monitor for new trends. It's this kind of proactive approach that led to us being named one of 2019's Most Innovative Banks by Independent Banker Magazine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

HOW DO I open an account?

Due to the nature of this industry, the account setup and opening process is handled by a special team. Please contact Justin Wilkinson to request a new account, using the form above.

How Do I make a deposit?

Checks can be easily and quickly deposited using mobile eDeposit in our mobile banking app. We also offer online banking services for wires, transfers and ACH.

Is there an account opening fee?

Yes, please contact us to learn more about account options, setup and any related fees. 

Are there monthly fees?

Yes, please contact us for details on fees.