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Miscellaneous Fees

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Personal & Business Account Fees & Service Charges

Non-Customer Not available
Domestic (Customer) $15 per item
International (Customer) $25 per item

Wire Transfer Charge - Domestic
Non-Customer Not Available
Incoming Domestic $15
Outgoing Domestic $30
Wire Transfer Charge - Foreign
Non-Customer Not Available
Incoming Foreign $35
Outgoing Foreign $70
Wire Return $10
Safe Deposit Boxes - Annual Rental
3 x 5 $40 - $5 Discount W/Payment Auto Draft
5 x 5 $55 - $5 Discount W/Payment Auto Draft
3 x 10 $65 - $5 Discount W/Payment Auto Draft
5 x 10 $75 - $5 Discount W/Payment Auto Draft
10 x 10 $95 - $5 Discount W/Payment Auto Draft
Lost Key $10 Plus Cost to Drill Box (Minimum $120)
Late Rental Payment 10% of Amount Due
Miscellaneous Charges
Account Closing $25 If Closed Within 90 Days
Account Printout, Copy of Statement, or Special Statement $5
Account Reconciliation $26 Per Hour / $26 Minimum
Account Research $26 Per Hour / $26 Minimum
ATM Mini Statement $1.25
ATM Transactions - Foreign ATM Withdrawal $2.29 Per Transaction
Dormant Account Fee (Checking After 12 Months) $10 Per Month
Fax In/Out (Customers) $1 Per Page Local / $2 Per Page
Foreign Currency Purchase (Customers) $20 Plus Shipping
Legal Process Fee $150 or 3% of Amount, Whichever is Higher
(Including but not limited to Garnishment, Government Levy, Escheatment and similar orders)
Hold Mail Fee (Not Available to New Customers) $5
HSA Enrollment Fee (One Time Fee) $25
IRA/HSA Annual Maintenance Fee $15
IRA/HSA Custodial Transfer Fee $50
NSF Paid Item Fee $36 Per Item1
NSF Returned Item Fee $36 Per Item1
Overdraft Charge (beginning second day of overdraft) $6 Per Day2
Overdraft Protection $6 Per Transfer
Photocopies .25¢ Per Page
Replacement Debit Card $12
Replacement Debit Card + Expedited Shipping $35
Return Deposit Item $10
Return Mail Fee $5 Per Month
Same Day ACH .05¢ Per Entry
Stop Payment Order $36 At Branch ($31 When Placed Online Using eCorp)
Telephone/Fax Transfer Request $6
Zipper Bags $5

Bill Pay
Account to Account Transaction $2
Overnight Check $14.95
Same Day Bill Pay $9.95
Cashier's Checks (Customer) $5
Check Cashing
Non-Customer Cashing Non-Customer Check 5% ($10 Minimum)
Non-Customer Cashing Business Customer Check $5
Check Images in Statements $5.69
Check Printing Fees Vary with Style Ordered
Copy of Canceled Check $5
Counter Checks $1 Per Page
Deposit Account Verification $7.50
Deposit Correction Fee (Per Correction Over 2 Per Statement Cycle) $5
Disposable Bags .15¢

Business Account Fees & Service Charges

Analysis Fees (Includes ACH & Cash Services Customers)
Account Maintenance Fee $5 Per Month
Collection Domestic $15
Collection International $25
Disposable Bags .15¢
Deposited .09¢ Per Item
Items Paid .09¢ Per Item
Return Deposited Item $10
Rolls of Coin .25¢ Per Roll
Straps of Currency (Made Available) .78¢ Per Strap
Merchant Operated ATM Support Fee $20 Per Month
eCorp Fees
Internal Transfer $6 Per Month
eDeposit Merchant Capture $39 Per Month
ACH $26 Per Month
Wires $14 Per Month
Positive Pay $4 Per Month

Loan Servicing Fees

Type Amount
Late Charge
Varies Per Loan Agreement
Loan Payment by Phone Fee (ACH)
Credit Card Payment Fee (delinquent accounts up to $1,500.00)
Wire Transfers for Loan Accounts $10
Auto Draft Change Fee $10
Recording Fee (amount may vary by County) $15/min
Payoff Processing Fee
Subordination of Mortgage Fee
Partial Release Fee
Re-casting (re-amortization) Fee
Returned Payment Item
Loan Research Fee
$26/Hr. - 1 Hr. Min
Loan Statement Photocopies
Auto Draft Removal Fee
Escrow Waiver Fee
Please Note: Returned Payment, Loan Research Fee and Loan Statement Photocopy fees have changed.
Servicing Common Fees and Costs
This schedule provides general information on common non-state specific costs that could be associated with servicing a loan account. Fees not listed include, HELOC/HEloan annual maintenance, early termination, and closure fees as well as late charges, which are outlined in your note/agreement. It is not a complete list of all costs that could be assessed to such an account.
This schedule is provided for informational purposes only.

1 Fee applies to each overdraft item and each NSF returned item with no more than 5 items charged per day. A NSF fee will not be charged for any item that overdraws your account by $1.00 or less. The amount of any overdrafts plus our NSF and/or Overdraft charge(s) that you owe shall be due immediately. The bank will not pay overdrafts when an account has been opened less than 90 days, or when there hasn't been a direct deposit or credit in the last 45 days, or there has been an overdraft item in the last 15 days, or there has been a return deposit item in the last 45 days. 

2 The categories of transactions for which an overdraft fee may be imposed are those by any of the following means: check, in-person withdrawal, ATM
withdrawal, or other electronic means.