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Miscellaneous Fees

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Personal & Business Account Fees & Service Charges

Non-Customer Not available
Domestic (Customer) $15 per item
International (Customer) $25 per item

Wire Transfer Charge - Domestic
Non-Customer Not Available
Incoming Domestic $16
Outgoing Domestic $32
Return Wire Fee 13
Wire Transfer Charge - Foreign
Non-Customer Not Available
Incoming Foreign $37
Outgoing Foreign $74
Wire Return $13
Safe Deposit Boxes - Annual Rental
3 x 5 $40 - $5 Discount W/Payment Auto Draft
5 x 5 $55 - $5 Discount W/Payment Auto Draft
3 x 10 $65 - $5 Discount W/Payment Auto Draft
5 x 10 $75 - $5 Discount W/Payment Auto Draft
10 x 10 $95 - $5 Discount W/Payment Auto Draft
Lost Key $10 Plus Cost to Drill Box (Minimum $175)
Late Rental Payment 10% of Amount Due
Miscellaneous Charges
Account Closing $25 If Closed Within 90 Days
Account Printout, Copy of Statement, or Special Statement $5
Account Reconciliation $26 Per Hour / $26 Minimum
Account Research $26 Per Hour / $26 Minimum
ATM Mini Statement $1.25
ATM Transactions - Foreign ATM Withdrawal $2.49 Per Transaction
ATM Surcharge (Non-Customer at FFB ATM) $4 Per Transaction
1031 Exchange $1,000 Per Transaction
Dormant Account Fee (Checking After 12 Months) $10 Per Month
Fax In/Out (Customers) $1 Per Page Local / $2 Per Page
Foreign Currency Purchase (Customers) $25 Plus Shipping
Legal Process Fee $150 or 3% of Amount, Whichever is Higher
(Including but not limited to Garnishment, Government Levy, Escheatment and similar orders)
Hold Mail Fee (Not Available to New Customers) $5
HSA Enrollment Fee (One Time Fee) $25
IRA/HSA Annual Maintenance Fee $15
IRA/HSA Custodial Transfer Fee $50
NSF Paid Item Fee $37 Per Item1
NSF Returned Item Fee $37 Per Item1
Overdraft Charge (beginning second day of overdraft) $7 Per Day2
Overdraft Protection $7 Per Transfer
Paper Statement Fee (Personal Checking Only) $2 Per Month
Photocopies .25¢ Per Page
Replacement Debit Card $12
Replacement Debit Card + Expedited Shipping $35
Return Deposit Item $11
Return Mail Fee $5 Per Month
Same Day ACH .05¢ Per Entry
Stop Payment Order $36 At Branch ($31 When Placed Online Using eCorp)
Telephone/Fax Transfer Request $6
Zipper Bags $5

Bill Pay
Account to Account Transaction $2
Overnight Check $14.95
Same Day Bill Pay $9.95
Cashier's Checks (Customer) $5
Check Cashing
Non-Customer Cashing Non-Customer Check Not Available
Non-Customer Cashing Business Customer Check $5
Check Images in Statements $5.69
Check Printing Fees Vary with Style Ordered
Copy of Canceled Check $5
Counter Checks $1 Per Page
Deposit Account Verification $7.50
Deposit Correction Fee (Per Correction Over 2 Per Statement Cycle) $7
Disposable Bags .15¢

Business Account Fees & Service Charges

Analysis Fees (Includes ACH & Cash Services Customers)
Account Maintenance Fee $10 Per Month
Collection Domestic $15
Collection International $25
Disposable Bags .15¢
Deposited .11¢ Per Item
Items Paid .11¢ Per Item
ACH Items (Debits and Credits) .11¢ Per Item
Return Deposited Item $11
Rolls of Coin .25¢ Per Roll
Straps of Currency (Made Available) .78¢ Per Strap
Merchant Operated ATM Support Fee $25 Per Month
eCorp Fees
ACH Origination $30 Per Month
eDeposit Merchant Capture $39 Per Month
Access/Internal Transfer $7 Per Month
Positive Pay $4 Per Month
Same Day ACH .05¢ Per Entry
Wires $14 Per Month

Loan Servicing Fees

Type Amount
Late Charge
Varies Per Loan Agreement
Loan Payment by Phone Fee (ACH)
Credit Card Payment Fee (delinquent accounts up to $1,500.00)
Auto Draft Change Fee $15
Recording Fee (amount may vary by County) > $15 or Actual Cost
Payoff Processing Fee
Subordination of Mortgage Fee
$150 Plus Legal Fees
Partial Release Fee - Real Estate
$150 Plus Legal Fees
Re-casting (re-amortization) Fee
Returned Payment Item
Loan Research Fee
$30/Hr. - 1 Hr. Min
Loan Statement Photocopies
Auto Draft Removal Fee
Escrow Waiver $150
Please Note: Late payment by phone, credit card payment, auto draft change, payoff processing, subordination of mortgage, and partial release fees have changed.
Servicing Common Fees and Costs
This schedule provides general information on common non-state specific costs that could be associated with servicing a loan account. Fees not listed include, HELOC/HEloan annual maintenance, early termination, and closure fees as well as late charges, which are outlined in your note/agreement. It is not a complete list of all costs that could be assessed to such an account.
This schedule is provided for informational purposes only.

1 Fee applies to each overdraft item and each NSF returned item with no more than 5 items charged per day. A NSF fee will not be charged for any item that overdraws your account by $1.00 or less. The amount of any overdrafts plus our NSF and/or Overdraft charge(s) that you owe shall be due immediately. The bank will not pay overdrafts when an account has been opened less than 90 days, or when there hasn't been a direct deposit or credit in the last 45 days, or there has been an overdraft item in the last 15 days, or there has been a return deposit item in the last 45 days. 

2 The categories of transactions for which an overdraft fee may be imposed are those by any of the following means: check, in-person withdrawal, ATM
withdrawal, or other electronic means.