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Our Culture sets us apart and makes us who we are.

First Federal's culture is built around three core values: financial strength, community focused, and customer service. We could take away one or more of these and still be a bank, but we wouldn't be First Federal. These are the things that define us.

Financial Strength

Community Focused

Customer Service


Financial Strength

First Federal was started by a group of local businessmen in Live Oak, FL in 1962. In our 55-year history we’ve had 3 bank presidents. The first was the founder of the bank, John S. Flood. The second was President and CEO, Keith Leibfried. The third is our current President and CEO, John Medina. People desperately want stability, particularly with their bank.

It’s this kind of consistent stability and security that guide our decision-making every day. It’s why we didn’t need to take TARP money from the government to help us during the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. It’s why First Federal grew throughout the recession instead of dying like so many others.

Community Focused

First Federal is incredibly connected to each of the communities we serve. We volunteer on weekends, we sit on boards, we donate money, and most important: we show up. It’s part of who we are, because we know that as a community becomes stronger, we can become more successful too.

For instance, last year our employees donated over $40,000 out of their paychecks to local organizations through our First Federal Way program. This amount was then matched by our board of directors each year, doubling the donation to each organization.

Customer Service

Our customer service has to be top notch. We live in these communities and word of mouth spreads like wildfire. And we’re awesome at it. So much so, that other organizations ask us to come help replicate what we’re doing. We use a variety techniques to stay at the top of our customer service game.


Trustworthy may not be a word a lot of people associate with banks these days, but we have prided ourselves on this core value from the beginning. We know a key component in any relationship is trust and it is especially important in our relationships with our customers and employees. Trust builds confidence, respect, and loyalty, which allows our team to function smoothly.

"Culture is not something we do or become when we walk through the door; it’s who we are.  Our culture drives our expectations and beliefs. To know, own and live our culture every day and serve as Culture Experience Officer is a privilege."

Wendy Wynn

Culture Experience Officer,
Live Oak South Ohio branch

"The culture that we promote on a daily basis implores our employees to operate less as co-workers and more as family. This level of generosity and support is unheard of in many workplaces."

Ryan Hodge

Financial Specialist
Bonifay branch
Part of our Management Team celebrates during a training retreat.

First Federal Principles

- 1 -

I know, own, and live First Federal's culture every day.

- 2 -

I am a dedicated employee. I complete training to be knowledgeable of bank information and policies, ensuring I keep my internal and external customers well informed.

- 3 -

Internal and external customers are my responsibility. I own a complaint and am empowered to resolve it quickly and prevent a repeat occurrence. My priority is to create positive experiences and never lose the customer.

- 4 -

I treat and respect my department, its property, and the bank's asses as my own. I take pride in my workplace and my professional appearance.

- 5 -

I am a reliable resource to my customers. I anticipate their needs and provide timely solutions. My sincere attitude assures my customers that I have their best interest at heart.

- 6 -

I always smile, speak professionally, and assure the customer is assisted. I maintain positive eye contact, offer a sincere greeting, and thank the customer for their business.

- 7 -

I notify my supervisor of hazards, injuries, and defects throughout the bank. I know my role during emergency situations.

- 8 -

I am a First Federal ambassador. I provide the best customer care and show professionalism by taking pride in all I do inside and outside the workplace.

"I have learned from our culture emphasis that the big things are expected. It's the little things that really make a difference. It's those little actions of responsiveness, reliability, tangibles, empathy, and assurance that generate trust that enriches any relationship."

Keith Leibfried