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Allpoint Network

Roam free with surcharge-free ATM access

Allpoint Surcharge-Free ATM Access.
First Federal is a member of the Allpoint Network of surcharge-free ATMs. There are over 55,000 Allpoint ATMs worldwide, including the United States, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, and Australia. These ATMs are surcharge-free for First Federal customers! 
Allpoint ATMs can be found in various stores and retailers such as Target, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Winn-Dixie, Tom Thumb, and Speedway gas stations.1 Just look for the green Allpoint logo on an ATM. 
The easiest way to find the closest Allpoint ATM is to download the Allpoint app in your App Store. Or you can find Allpoint ATMs on the locator search on their website www.allpointnetwork.com
Download the Allpoint Mobile App today:
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The Allpoint ATM network has over 55,000 locations.
With access to 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs worldwide, First Federal customers now have access to the largest ATM Network in the U.S.! Access to Allpoint ATMs is convenient for those who travel, work out of town, or have to relocate with disaster strikes.
A map of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the UK, and Australia, with pinpoints showing Allpoint ATM locations.
1) Not every retail location has an Allpoint surcharge-free ATM inside. Look for the Allpoint logo to ensure your transaction will be surcharge-free.