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Since 1962, we’ve been a company the community counts on. Our founding board members established a tradition of investing in our communities and the people around us. Whether it’s establishing a community sports complex or reading to kindergartners, our desire is to reach the community in many ways.

We hold our responsibility to the community seriously because we know the impact an organization can have on small communities. From building playgrounds at elementary schools, to funding computer labs, to marching with our community in support of babies, to supporting local youth and school sports teams, to donating time and money to build affordable houses, to providing places for youth and seniors to grow – our hearts belong to our communities. This is the spirit of who we are and what we’ll continue to be.

In addition to our regular sponsorship and contribution efforts, there are other ways we give back to our communities:

First Federal Way

First Federal Way is our employee payroll deduction program, where employees can choose to donate a portion of their paychecks to local organizations. At the end of each year, the total amount is then matched by our Board of Directors which doubles the impact to these agencies. Each year, this amount increases and we are blown away by the generosity of our employees.
In 2019, more than 50 agencies received a total of $107,295!

Community Rewards Program

Our Community Rewards Program (CRP) was created in 2010 as a way to involve the community in giving to specific projects benefiting local organizations. Customers who enroll in an organization's CRP help donate to the organization by using their debit card. Each time the enrolled customer uses their debit card (as a signature transaction), First Federal donates a certain amount to the CRP, until their goal is met. Click here to see more about the program.

First Federal Foundation

The First Federal Foundation was established in 1994 as a way to support community projects on a larger scale. The Foundation primarily makes grants for projects related to community and economic growth, human and social needs, cultural and artistic projects, and affordable housing.


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first federal way contributions

Representatives from local organizations hold up the checks they received through First Federal Bank's First Federal Way program.
First Federal Way 

Together with our employees we gave local agencies $90,000!

A member of the Campbellton Volunteer fire department gives a tour to a First Federal Bank employee.

We love helping our local Volunteer Fire Departments and rescue agencies get the proper equipment to continue keeping us safe.

First Federal employees make a presentation to a classroom of students.

Helping our local schools, we offer classroom instruction and free courses to teach financial literacy, including the importance of being smart with money. Learn more about one of our programs: Teach Banazi

A group of First Federal employees stand together at a community event.

We love volunteering at community events and making new friends!